Chapter 2 – Robert’s Room (Coming Soon)

You were barely able to escape Room 303. As you were trying to find your way through the hotel’s confusing corridors you stumble across a secret entrance that leads to Robert’s private quarters and workshop. Just wanting to escape the hotel, you try to back track but realize that you can’t get out through the same way you came in.

You’ll need to explore Robert’s personal belongings and learn what makes him tick in order to find freedom.  Of course, you must do this before he returns!

More Information:

  • Experiences at the Homicide Hotel are always private. You will never be placed with a group of strangers.
  • You are never actually locked in the room.
  • Guests may be in a confined space.
  • Guests may be immersed in darkness and low light situations for a short period of time. Adequate lighting will be provided to solve puzzles. 
  • Flashing/flickering lights may be present.

60 Minutes To Escape

2 – 6 Guests

Minimum Age: 14+

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