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We will reopen on 01/17/20.)


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Horror Themed Escape Room in Thornton, Colorado!

WARNING! This IS NOT your traditional Escape Room game…

This horror-themed escape room will fully immerse you into the world of a serial killer that built his hotel with the specific intent to torture and kill his unsuspecting guests. Secret passages, confusing corridors, and soundproof torture chambers are just the beginning.
Do you have the courage to check in to the Homicide Hotel?

The Homicide Hotel Escape Room provides an immersive horror experience unlike any you have ever experienced! Now is your chance to walk through the hallways and step into the rooms of the Hotel where so many lives were tragically taken.

Solve puzzles to unlock trap doors into hidden rooms. Find your way through secret corridors designed for the discreet transportation of dismembered bodies. See for yourself the strange and sinister devices used to torture victims.

Each adventure features one part of a continuous story. We offer an immersive experience with detailed environments that will leave a lasting impression. You will have 1 hour to find clues, manipulate objects, and solve unique puzzles in order to escape before it’s too late… Can you escape the Homicide Hotel?

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