Chapter 2 – Dark Heart of the Hotel


You were barely able to escape Room 303. As you were trying to find your way through the hotel’s confusing corridors you stumble across a door that takes you deeper into the heart of the hotel.

Learn the dark truth as you explore the inner depths of the Blackmore Hotel. Discover the secret areas where Robert spends most of his time.

Robert staged his own death when he escaped from the Sunny Pines mental facility. The police believe he is dead but only you know the truth.

You have 1 hour before Robert returns to find evidence that you can turn over to police to convince them that not only is Robert not dead, he has returned to take back his hotel and claim more victims.

More Information:

  • Chapter 2 is more intense and graphic than Chapter 1!!! Parental discretion is STRONGLY ADVISED!!!
  • Experiences at the Homicide Hotel are always private. You will never be placed with a group of strangers.
  • You are never actually locked in the room.
  • Guests may be in a confined space.
  • Guests may experience low light situations for immersion but will have adequate light to solve puzzles.
  • Flashing/flickering (not strobe) lights may be present.

60 Minutes To Escape

2 – 6 Guests

Minimum Age: 16+

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