Chapter 1 – Room 303

When Robert Quinlan identified his newest victim, Room 303 was the room he always checked them into. To an unsuspecting guest, the room looked like any other ordinary vintage hotel room. However, it was one part of the hotel that Robert had specially modified to allow him to spy on his guests through hidden peepholes and secret passageways.

You are Robert’s next victim and have found yourself in the room where so many before you started their final horrifying journey.

Can you escape the clutches of this Psycho or will you meet the same torturous fate as Robert’s 19 other victims?

Room 303 is where your nightmare begins.

More Information:

  • Experiences at the Homicide Hotel are always private. You will never be placed with a group of strangers.
  • You are never actually locked in the room.
  • Guests may experience low light situations for immersion but will have adequate light to solve puzzles.
  • Flashing/flickering lights may be present.
  • Parental discretion is advised for those under 14. If you let your kids watch rated R movies you should be fine.
  • Survival Rate is 25%.

60 Minutes To Escape

2 – 6 Guests

Minimum Age: 14+

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